Visitor Guidlines

Visitors with Dept. of Defense-authorized Identification

Please proceed through any of the entrance gates.

General Public/Visitors with no Dept. of Defense-authorized Identification

Please go to the West Point Garrison 'Visit Us' page at


ALL VISITORS (on official business or visiting a patient) must obtain a 'visitors pass' from the Keller Army Community Hospital Security Office. The Security Office is located on the first floor of the Keller Army Community Hospital, behind the front desk. Any visitors entering through the Brian D. Allgood Ambulatory Clinic must go to the Security Office prior to going to their meeting/conducting business.

PARKING (Parking map link provided)

There are designated parking spots for:

  • Patients
  • Hospital Staff (employees including contractors)
  • Patients/Staff with a valid, state-issued handicapped placard (must be displayed when parked)
  • Hospital Command team

Hospital staff are not permitted to park in a "patient designated" parking space at any time, and can be subject to a ticket or towing.