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West Point Dental Activity
  United States Military Academy West Point, New York


DENTAC.pngDENCOM provides responsive and reliable oral health services and influences Health to improve readiness and advance wellness in support of the Force, Military Families, and all those entrusted to our care.


Strengthening the health of our Nation by improving the oral health of our Army.


Fully integrate into Army Medicine's plan to transform from a healthcare system to a System for Health. The System for Health will maintain, restore, and improve the health, readiness, and resilience of Soldiers, Families, and Communities in order to prevent, shape, and win.


Army Dentistry is integral to Army Medicine's transformation from a healthcare system to a System for Health. Army Dentistry shapes the determinants of health through efficient and effective oral health care delivery while being closely linked to Army Medicine's efforts to positively affect the performance triad of activity, nutrition, and sleep.

West Point Dental Activity United States Military Academy West Point, New York

DENTAC Command Corner

 Welcome to the West Point Dental Activity (DENTAC)! The DENTAC's mission is to "provide responsive and reliable oral health services that influences Health, improves Readiness, and advances Wellness in support of the Force, our Military Families, and all those entrusted to our care". The Soldiers and civilians that make up our organization are dedicated to this mission each and every day.
Your DENTAC Command Team consists of LTC Benjamin R. Methvin and SFC Sergio
BorreroSanchez. We strongly believe in and adhere to the Army Value System.
This system instills a sense of pride in everything we do for the DENTAC, our Soldiers and Civilians, and for you our customer. We are here to Serve, and with that, focus on "strengthening the health or our Nation by improving the oral health of our Army".

The DENTAC consists of a headquarters (HQ) element and two dental treatment facilities. The HQ is collocated with the Saunders Dental Facility at Bldg 606 on West Point; the oral maxillofacial surgery department is located at Bldg 900 within Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH).
Our primary focus is on dental readiness, oral health care awareness, and enhanced Wellness by providing state of the art dental service support to the approximately 4800 Cadets and Cadet Candidates, and the 1200 Staff and Faculty supporting the United States Military Academy here at West Point.

If you are being assigned to the West Point DENTAC, you should receive a Welcome Packet and be assigned a sponsor to help with your transition. If this does not occur, please contact our Personnel Action Office at 845-938-7770 during normal duty hours for assistance.

 I encourage you to browse the West Point Garrison and or KACH websites for additional information regarding working and living on West Point. On behalf of the Soldiers and civilians of the West Point DENTAC.Welcome to West Point!....Please feel free to provide any suggestions to improve our facilities, staffing, or services via the Interactive Customer Evaluation
Sites (ICE).WELCOME!...
B. Russell Methvin
Lieutenant Colonel, Dental Corps

What is Dental Readiness?

Dental Readiness is defined by how much or what type of dental work you need or may require. This is broken down into four basic fitness classifications, please read below:

  • Dental Fitness Class 1 -- Congratulations! Administratively, your dental record is correct and all of your dental treatment has been completed. You are required to have a dental exam once a year, and require no additional dental care at this time.
  • Dental Fitness Class 2 -- Your record is administratively current, but you have dental conditions for which we strongly recommend you schedule routine care (cleaning, fillings, etc.). These conditions are unlikely to result in a dental emergency within 12 months.
  • Dental Fitness Class 3 --You need our help and immediate attention! You require treatment to correct dental conditions that are likely to cause a dental emergency within 12 months. Examples of such include large cavities that need fillings, root canal treatment that needs completed, problematic wisdom teeth that need extracted, etc. Please make an appointment with us immediately.
  • Dental Fitness Class 4 -- You require a dental examination or do not have a dental record. Hence we are not able to validate your true dental fitness. Correct this deficiency today
  • Dental Fitness Class 3 or 4 places you in a "non-readiness compliant" category. Please contact us immediately to remedy this situation. Remember- dental fitness is a key component of soldier readiness and total body wellness. Let us help you maintain yourself in the best possible health!

You can make an appointment by calling the Saunders Dental Clinic practice managers at 845-938-3121.

Contact Information
Saunders Dental Clinic - Building 606
Normal Operating Hours: M-F - 0700-1530
Sick Call: 0700-0900
Closed for lunch from 1100-1130
West Point DENTAC does not offer dependent or retiree care services.
Please call Saunders Dental Clinic for routine appointments.
Please come to Sick Call or walk-in for emergencies.
Emergencies after hours please contact"
Keller Army Community Hospital
Emergency Room: 845.938.4004


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