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Our Mission:

Provide high quality, patient-centered care with a focus on health and wellness to improve readiness of the Force and enhance the lives of all beneficiaries.

Our Vision:

Revolutionizing Excellence.  #1 Team in MEDCOM.  Join Us!

Our Values

Excellence, Compassion, Teamwork, Respect, Trust.


My philosophy of leadership is predicated upon several fundamental beliefs.
a)    Character = Values: Character that encompasses the seven Army core values in the bedrock of our organization. Every decision a leader makes always reverts back to core values. These foundational values are the DNA of leadership. Excellence in an organization starts with leaders of good, strong moral fiber who engage in the entire process of leadership. Honorable character is foundational for effective leadership.
b)    Lead by Example: Command is granted. Respect is earned. A leader earns the respect of his subordinates by his/her example. The adage of “your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying” often rings true. When followers see their leaders doing the right thing for the team – supporting, nurturing and present through the good times and the bad times – trust is built. As a leader, you set the standard and enable the Soldier to meet or exceed it.
c)    Communicate: Communication is essential for effective leadership. It is the ability to identify and relate with people in a way that increases your influence with them. Listening is the most powerful way to communicate. When we speak, we learn a little because we only say what we know. Effective listening by leaders gives Soldiers and civilians an active role in the organization.
d)    Caring: “The preservation of the Soldier’s health should be the Commander’s first and greatest care.” – General George Washington.  In order to meet the needs of those we lead, we demonstrate servant leadership. The selfless leader is willing to risk his/her fortune in order to do what is right for the organization. It drives us away from self-serving, forceful leadership and requires us to respect, value and motivate Soldiers. Caring also encompasses taking care of yourself and your family. Take time for both and encourage others to do so as well.
e)    Vision: Good leaders have a vision for the future of their organization. Exemplary leaders communicate this vision with the team to create consensus and shared purpose. A successful organizational vision is implemented by effectively communicating the “why.” Subordinates become the “how” by showing how to meet the team vision.
I encourage the entire West Point Health Service Area / Keller Army Community Hospital team to embrace this leadership philosophy as they teach, coach and mentor our future Army leaders.





The Keller Army Community Hospital mission: “Provide high quality, patient-centered care with a focus on health and wellness to improve readiness of the Force and enhance the lives of all beneficiaries.” The foundation of our success is really defined in the Army Values and the high standards we have and expect from one another.  Servant leadership will be the corner stone of our success.  Soldiers and civilians alike, learn from not just what their leaders say, but most often from what leaders do or don’t do.  Maintaining an Army value-based organization is imperative to the achievement of our organizations success.  We will maintain high standards through self-discipline and accountability.  Army values and standards apply to both your professional and personal life.  Work hard, strive for excellence and take pride in serving as a team member at Keller Army Community Hospital.
     1. Lead:  Everything you do – good or bad – sets the example for our employees.  Only demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and personal conduct.  “If it isn't broken, don’t fix it” is often the slogan of the complacent, the arrogant or the scared.  Encourage each other to look at challenges from different perspectives and to offer solutions that improve what we do.  Foster and emphasize the importance of teamwork and unit cohesion.  Learn from honest mistakes and empower your subordinates to do what is morally and legally right.  Collectively, we must build leaders of character and demonstrate the importance of serving each other and families.  Often acts of selfless service impact lives more than words.  Instill in our Soldiers and civilian employees loyalty and commitment to: the United States, the Army, and the unit. 
     2. Train:  Training new employees is an incredible privilege, opportunity and responsibility.  Leaders cheat their employees and fail to live up to their obligations if training is not conducted to the high standards we have.  Strive for excellence in all training, be safe and make training a team effort.
     3. Care:  When employees respect their leaders and know their leaders care, the employee will go to incredible lengths to accomplish any mission.  Listening and understanding the challenges of each person directly impacts your effectiveness as a leader.  When your employees stop communicating you have stopped leading them.  Create a safe, healthy environment where all employees can flourish.
     4. Safety:  A series of missteps can lead to serious injury or even death.  Understand the signs in order to anticipate and stop injuries from occurring.  Over pressuring a situation can lead to shortcuts and creates a recipe for disaster.  Safety is critical to the success of our mission.  Think Safe, act safe, and be safe!